Use cases and Starting

Use cases and Starting

In this introduction video of NinjaSEM, you will learn who can use NinjaSEM and its use cases, followed by how to create a campaign after signing in for the first time.

What is NinjaSEM?

PPC software is a tool that allows organizations to set up, manage, track, and alter pay-per-click programs. With this software, you may create campaigns based on your budget and increase conversions. PPC links are placed on the same channels running your ad campaigns, such as Bing, Google Ads, and Facebook ads. In general, PPC refers to an online model where marketers pay a fee each time a visitor clicks on one of their adverts. PPC ads come in various forms, but sponsored search ads are the most common. These advertisements display when people use search engines like Bing, Yahoo, or Google to look for anything. When people conduct business, they usually do so in a certain way.

NinjaSEM is a remarkable tool that gives you complete control over your campaign creation. It also allows you to optimize your advertisements in a matter of seconds. Setting up, managing, adjusting, and tracking the performance of your PPC can all be done fast using this program.

Pay-per-click software is effective. You can successfully manage your PPC Advertising with the help of this program. It eliminates the need to utilize this tool manually. As a result, you may focus more on expanding your business by acquiring new clients.

Login to and it will take to you your login page. enter your email address and click on the verification code and get logged in. Go to your dashboard and click on ninja sem in marketing. The first thing you gonna do here is added a campaign & enter a name, business name, or type of ad to do, and select campaign members whom you want to add, & save it.