Adwords Reports to Monitor and Report

to monitor Critical PPC Data at One Place

Create compelling, simple reports based on a thorough overview of all your marketing campaigns. Automate report delivery once a month to save time and never miss an opportunity again!

Adwords Reports to Monitor and Report

Track Accounts and Schedule Adwords Reports

Create quick reports based on detailed outline of all your marketing campaigns. Implement report delivery once a month

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report generation

Report Generation

Create weekly, monthly, or other interval reports that generate automatically. To manage your accounts, get a fast overview of account performance over a specific period or audit by attribute.

granular customization

Granular Customization

Create an interactive dashboard for your clients so they can obtain rapid responses to their inquiries. Make your reports more personalized by branding them across accounts. Add notes to the email and schedule delivery to your client's inbox.

detailed monitoring

Detailed Monitoring

As a baseline, define the overall account objectives and get expected KPIs. Locate underperforming accounts and undertake a root cause analysis to determine the source of the problem.

custom notifications

Custom Notifications

When clicks, impressions, cost, or conversions differ from projected numbers for the current time/day, you'll be notified. When advertising and keywords lead to landing sites that are broken or have predefined text like "out of stock," they are paused. When there is an issue with an account, NInjaSEM sends you an email and can even help you take automatic action.

What is Monitor And Report?

Any organization that wants to measure the success of its advertising campaign should use the Pay Per Click Monitor and Report. Pay Per Click Monitor and Report is a module that offers sophisticated analytical tools for tracking and reporting on your Pay Per Click Monitor campaigns. You can monitor the effectiveness of your adverts, make required changes, and respond fast to market developments.

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