Build Shopping Campaigns

10X faster than in Google

With complete control over bids and budgets, you can simply create and optimize effective shopping campaigns. To maximize performance, make sure your product inventory is separated.

Build Shopping Campaigns

Shopping Ads for Every Sale & Season

Create campaigns 10X faster than Google. Quickly create groups of individual products and gain granular control over bids to increase profit

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shopping campaign builder

Shopping Campaign Builder

Create new ad groups based on an attribute in your feed and build groups of individual products to gain granular insights into each product and bid control.

campaign refresher

Campaign Refresher

Manage campaign structure by automatically adding new products as they emerge in your feed. If your merchant feed changes, product groupings that are no longer needed are immediately eliminated.

shopping bid management

Shopping Bid Management

Boost your profits by fine-tuning your bids and viewing all biddable elements in your account on a single page. Find goods that need new bids and update them with a simple click. Examine data from similar campaigns to spot trends, and bid intelligently for new campaigns with insufficient data to make a bid adjustment choice.

What are Shopping Campaigns?

Shopping campaigns assist you in selling your products by providing customers with detailed information about what you're selling before they even click on your ad. You'll be able to track the overall performance of your items over time using retail-specific data tools.

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