Campaign Insights

Get expert-level insights in a click

Get data from multiple sources, analyze based on industry best practices, and the latest AI presented to you with the most useful findings in seconds.

Campaign Insights

Leverage the Power of Campaign Insights

Get expert-level insights and examine several segments faster than spreadsheets in a single click

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quality score tracker

Quality Score Tracker

Analyze quality scores for the campaign, ad group, and keyword are calculated daily  considered as a set of impressions and traffic derived by Google Search across all devices.

daypart analysis

Daypart Analysis

Determine which days and times are best for your bid strategy. To target customers effectively, schedule advertising for specific time to determine which days and times are best for your bid strategy.



Create charts, graphs, and infographics from analytics using advanced tools. The more times a word appears in a source of textual data, the larger and bolder it looks in the word cloud.

campaign investigator

Campaign Investigator

Utilize PPC to attract leads for your ads. Display all relevant campaign statistics, such as impressions, click-through rate, and conversion rate to help you evaluate the scope of your campaign.

shopping analysis

Shopping Analysis

Verify that your shopping ads are producing the intended outcomes. It's a good to keep track of the results of your Shopping ads. To determine the effectiveness of your Shopping campaigns.

benchmarks and audits

Benchmarks and Audits

Establish account benchmarks and conduct audits to identify areas for improvement, and you'll instantly receive a PPC audit report with relevant recommendations.

What are Campaign Insights?

Utilize campaign data to examine case studies of other similar efforts to see which strategies function best. Consider the following real-world examples to illustrate why advertisers must incorporate testing, learning, and insight gathering into their digital marketing strategy.

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