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best ppc management software

Campaign Optimization

Give PPC teams the ability to improve account performance with just a few mouse clicks. You can also use the suggestions as a springboard for developing your own methodology.

campaign optimization
keywords and search terms

Keywords and Search Terms

Find out about new keyword opportunities. Reduce spending by locating and excluding high-cost keywords.

bids and budgets

Bids and Budgets

Reduce bids for expensive keywords to increase ROI and meet spend targets. Boost your ads to the top of the page.

search and display ads

Search and Display Ads

Make and publish responsive search ads. Display placements that do not convert and mobile apps with no conversions are excluded.

shopping ads

Shopping Ads

Create collections of individual products. Bid based on any shopping attribute, manage bids, and flag search queries as negatives.

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Adwords Scripts

Get the most powerful Google Ads automation, fully customizable without writing a single line of code.

adwords scripts
enhanced scripts

Enhanced Scripts

Readymade PPC Scripts that automate optimization and reporting. All scripts are up-to-date and work in individual or MCC accounts.

automated optimizations

Automated Optimizations

Use account data to program and automate your own bid rules. Maintain flexible budget settings that pause at any level when the specified budget is reached.

automated reports

Automated Reports

Discover what works best for your account, from match types to keyword lengths to commonly used ad text snippets.

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Campaign Insights

Campaign insights offer a simple and effective way of managing PPC campaigns. It delivers campaign analytics and campaign insights that help the companies in taking more informed decisions for future campaigns.

campaign insights
quality score tracker

Quality Score Tracker

Analyze historical quality score aggregated at any level you want.

daypart analysis

Daypart Analysis

To optimize your bid strategy, determine which days and times are the most profitable.



Ready-to-use word cloud of your most popular search terms with CPC and click data, with expensive terms added as negatives.

campaign investigator

Campaign Investigator

Perform a root cause analysis to determine why performance has changed.

shopping analysis

Shopping Analysis

Visualize the performance of Shopping campaigns with a breakdown by any attribute.

benchmarks and audits

Benchmarks and Audits

Set account benchmarks and conduct audits to identify gaps that require attention.

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Shopping Ads

Make informed decisions and improve your lead mining game to take your lead generation to the next level.

shopping ads
shopping campaign builder

Shopping Campaign Builder

Get in-depth reports on emails that have been searched and verified so that you can make an informed decision.

campaign refresher

Campaign Refresher

See what searches you tried previously and use them again if necessary.

shopping bid management

Shopping Bid Management

Get all your information in a list view for better visibility.

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Reporting and Monitoring

Monitor all of your accounts from a single dashboard and generate compelling, easy-to-understand reports. Every month, automate report delivery to save time.

reporting and monitoring
report generation

Report Generation

Get a quick snapshot of account performance over a specified time period, or audit by attribute.

granular customization

Granular Customization

Make a fully interactive dashboard for your clients so they can get answers to their questions quickly.

detailed monitoring

Detailed Monitoring

Locate underperforming accounts and conduct a root cause analysis to identify potential causes.

custom notifications

Custom Notifications

Get notified when clicks, impressions, cost, or conversions deviate from expected levels for the current time/day.

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